Why is fast delivery so important for your business?

If you ask online shoppers what’s most important to them when making an online purchase, speed of delivery will be among the most common aspects. In today’s fast-paced digital world, this is a key success factor for doing business online. Indeed, online stores have adapted very quickly to these demands and it is quite common for an order to reach its recipient within 3 days. But is that enough?

Of course, there are more deciding factors – whether it is price, availability, reviews or personal experience with the e-shop, customers are impatient and expect flawless service. Regardless of the industry you’re in, ensuring prompt delivery of your shipments has a huge impact on customer satisfaction and the growth of your business. In this article, we’ll take a look at why fast delivery is so important to your business.


1. Times are speeding up, demands are becoming much stricter, customers are refusing to wait for their order. Fast delivery plays a key role in building a positive reputation for your business. When you can consistently and reliably deliver orders on time, you build your brand.


2. Leverage your competitive advantage in the marketplace and provide your customers with quality and fast delivery service. Customers tend to prefer stores that can deliver items in the shortest possible time. For groceries, flowers, pet supplies, etc. it is within a few hours of ordering, for other commodities ideally the next day after the order is placed.


3. Fast delivery not only increases customer satisfaction, but also creates a positive experience with your company and builds trust. When customers receive their orders in the shortest possible time and without any problems, they feel satisfied and your business becomes their preferred choice. And these are exactly the kind of customers who become regulars.


4. Satisfied customers are also more inclined to recommend your business to their friends and family, bringing in more potential customers and increasing the growth of your business.


5. Another angle to look at the situation is from the perspective of cost and efficiency of your business. When you can deliver shipments quickly, you reduce the time lag between ordering and delivery, which minimizes the risk of order cancellations and improves cash flow. A more efficient delivery process also allows you to optimize logistics and reduce delivery-related costs.


Remember, choosing a reliable delivery service is a key step in achieving these points and building a strong competitive position in the market. With MoveTo Delivery, delivering your parcels will become another positive factor in growing your business.


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Why outsource last mile delivery?

You save up to 47% of your costs

Example of last mile delivery costs for customers who order goods from an e-shop specialising in the sale of sporting goods with express delivery within 60 minutes. The example shows the monthly cost of running your own logistics and delivery from a selected brick-and-mortar location.

Expected parameters
Average number of orders per day per branch: 75
Number of delivery days per week: 7
Delivery time in hours per day: 12
Number of vehicles needed: 3
Vehicle: Fiat Fiorino
Average daily vehicle mileage: 100 km
Average vehicle consumption: 7 l / 100 km (diesel)
How did we arrive at this number? Arrow

554 460 CZK : 2250 contract  = 246 CZK / contract


All prices are in CZK and without VAT. The sample does not include all the complete costs, but illustrates the main cost items.

They are the primary means of delivering your order. There are several forms of financing and it is important for the company to choose the appropriate form.
Makes up a significant portion of the total cost. It is necessary to look for economies of scale and focus on alternative fuels.
Vehicle usage is around 40-50% per day and statistically the risk of insurance claims and wear and tear increases. This is associated with operating and repair costs.
Fleet manager
With more vehicles, there is a need to look after the fleet, deal with service relationships and insurance claims, check the condition of vehicles, validity of MOTs etc.
The huge demand for couriers increases the cost of couriers.
The profession of courier entails one of the highest fluctuations in this profession on the labour market and it is necessary to have an effective recruitment process.
Team Leader
Arranges training of couriers, communication with them, help with recruitment, shift planning and other operational matters.
Dispatching staff
Copies delivery times, assists couriers and intervenes when it is necessary to reschedule the route (vehicle breakdown during delivery or customer is not at home for collection etc.).
Dispatching system
Plans the most optimal route and efficient use of vehicles to ensure that the order arrives in the required time and at the lowest possible cost. The cost of the system increases with the number of vehicles involved and orders being transported.

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