At MoveTo Delivery, we deal exclusively with last mile "last time delivery".

Same day

Express delivery

From 10 to 90 minutes after ordering.


  • Primarily food and grocery (refrigerated/frozen)
  • Secondary non-food (flowers, electronics, toys, sporting goods, pet supplies, etc.)

Delivered via:

  • Single-track vehicle (bicycle, scooter)
  • Smaller car
  • Walking courier

Delivery in time slots

Typically a choice of hourly delivery slots 90 minutes or longer from ordering
I order at 3:15pm with earliest delivery time between 5pm-6pm, 6pm-7pm etc. same day.


  • Primarily non-food (flowers, electronics, toys, books, sporting goods, garden equipment, etc.).
  • Secondary food (refrigerated/frozen)

Delivered via:

  • Single-track vehicle (bicycle, scooter)
  • Larger pick-up vehicle
from 129 CZK without VAT/order

Next day

Delivery in time slots

Typical selection of 15 to 30 minute slots on the second day or longer from ordering.


  • Primarily non-food (flowers, electronics, toys, books, sporting goods, garden equipment, etc.)
  • Secondary food (refrigerated/frozen)

Delivered via:

  • Single-track vehicle (bicycle, scooter)
  • Larger pick-up vehicle
from 129 CZK without VAT/order

Calculate price

We will prepare a tailor-made quotation in several variants to reflect your actual needs. Our job is to find the best LMD solution for you.


Did you know?

You can increase your customer loyalty by up to 55% if you deliver products within 2 hours of ordering.

Up to 66% of people don’t want to wait more than 24 hours for a shipment after ordering.

On average, 61% of users leave their cart if delivery times are long.


Be efficient and think about your customers

Ikonka Why not take MoveTo Delivery and do the logistics yourself
  • We have extensive last-mile delivery know-how, we will find the best solution on the market for you
  • We take advantage of economies of scale, so we can negotiate lower costs (from fuel, to vehicles, to recruitment) and thus provide you with a lower price than if you did it yourself
  • Logistics is operational intensive, we make it easier for you so you can focus on your core business
Ikonka What are today's consumer demands
  • Getting goods to your door as soon as possible and without damage
  • Pay as little as possible for shipping
  • Keep track of your shipment

Why outsource last mile delivery?

You save up to 47% of your costs

Example of last mile delivery costs for customers who order goods from an e-shop specialising in the sale of sporting goods with express delivery within 60 minutes. The example shows the monthly cost of running your own logistics and delivery from a selected brick-and-mortar location.

Expected parameters
Average number of orders per day per branch: 75
Number of delivery days per week: 7
Delivery time in hours per day: 12
Number of vehicles needed: 3
Vehicle: Fiat Fiorino
Average daily vehicle mileage: 100 km
Average vehicle consumption: 7 l / 100 km (diesel)
How did we arrive at this number? Arrow

554 460 CZK : 2250 contract  = 246 CZK / contract


All prices are in CZK and without VAT. The sample does not include all the complete costs, but illustrates the main cost items.

They are the primary means of delivering your order. There are several forms of financing and it is important for the company to choose the appropriate form.
Makes up a significant portion of the total cost. It is necessary to look for economies of scale and focus on alternative fuels.
Vehicle usage is around 40-50% per day and statistically the risk of insurance claims and wear and tear increases. This is associated with operating and repair costs.
Fleet manager
With more vehicles, there is a need to look after the fleet, deal with service relationships and insurance claims, check the condition of vehicles, validity of MOTs etc.
The huge demand for couriers increases the cost of couriers.
The profession of courier entails one of the highest fluctuations in this profession on the labour market and it is necessary to have an effective recruitment process.
Team Leader
Arranges training of couriers, communication with them, help with recruitment, shift planning and other operational matters.
Dispatching staff
Copies delivery times, assists couriers and intervenes when it is necessary to reschedule the route (vehicle breakdown during delivery or customer is not at home for collection etc.).
Dispatching system
Plans the most optimal route and efficient use of vehicles to ensure that the order arrives in the required time and at the lowest possible cost. The cost of the system increases with the number of vehicles involved and orders being transported.

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