Tips and tricks on how to become a courier for Slovakia

Thinking about becoming a courier? If you enjoy driving and want a job with flexible hours, then a route with MoveTo Delivery could be right for you. The amount you earn is up to you, as is the scheduling of your working hours, plus this job will give you the opportunity to enjoy the rest of your day with a clear head. After all, there’s no take-home work at our company, so you’ll be sure to have plenty of time to relax.

In this article, we’ll give you some useful tips on how to become a courier in no time. Do you know the city like the back of your hand or do you like to get to know it? Great! You are one step closer to securing this reliable income.


What we expect from new colleagues:

  • You have a smartphone with data
  • You can operate a simple app.
  • You are communicative and can be relied on
  • You know your way around the city
  • You are 18+
  • You have a positive and reliable attitude
  • If you are from abroad, you have a work permit in the Slovakia
  • You have a food licence

Don’t have a food licence? Or are you thinking of starting to earn as a self-employed person but have no idea where to start? Read on for advice on how to get this certificate and how to set up a business easily.

Food processing certificate

Currently, all individuals who handle or come into contact with food in the course of their work must have a food health certificate. The card must be in possession before commencing business. It is the responsibility of the medical practitioner who will carry out the medical examination. The validity of the document is determined by the doctor and may be set for a definite or indefinite period.

Establishment od trade

Setting up a trade as a courier is a relatively easy process. A trade may be applied for by a natural person (sole trader) or a legal person who meets the following general conditions for running a trade.


These are:

  • being 18 years of age
  • legal capacity;
  • integrity.

In practice, the establishment of a trade is preceded by the choice of the name under which the entrepreneur will carry out his business activity and the choice of the subject of the business. In this case, Courier Services.

Registration of a trade in 2023 can be done:

  • in person through the district office (in the district of permanent residence), at the client centre of the Trade Business Department,
  • electronically (online) via the electronic service for setting up a trade, which is available on the public administration portal

In the case of a free trade, there is no need to meet any additional conditions.

How much does a trade licence cost? You pay €5 for the subject of the business, €5 for the extract from the trade licence 3 €.

The trade becomes valid on the date of establishment or on a certain validity date.

What you get by working with MoveTo Delivery

An unquestionably impeccable chance to tailor your working schedule to your exact wishes and requirements. In addition to ensuring a fair income, you determine your own style of payment – monthly or daily. All tips from customers go 100% to you. You can establish the form of cooperation according to your preferences, both on an IČO ( self-employed) and on a DPP contract (agreement to complete a job).


We are a reliable and stable employer. With us you are assured of long-term cooperation. We care about building our brand, so we will provide you with fitting workwear in company colours and car keys.

With MoveTo Delivery, you can become a full-time driver and still be the master of your time and decide your own hours and earnings. These terms and conditions make it possible for anyone to get a job, regardless of time availability – whether you’re a student, retired or on maternity leave. If you meet the conditions, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a professional courier too.


Have you decided to get behind the wheel with MoveTo Delivery? Then don’t wait and fill in the form on our career page. We look forward to seeing you at the interview.


Read what our couriers have to say about working with MoveTo Delivery.

“A cool part-time job that lets me work while I study. I have time to learn because I can flex my work and still make good money.”

Honza N.


“I go once a week and I always clear my head well at work. I have my earnings paid the very next day, so in one shift I earn enough for one big family purchase.”


Hradec Králové

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