Code of Ethics MoveTo Delivery

  1. The courier behaves honestly, decently and transparently in communication.
  2. The courier is professional and has respect for deliveries, customers, colleagues and business partners.
  3. The courier is clean dressed and professional in appearance at all times.
  4. The courier always handles any shipment with care to avoid damage.
  5. The courier respects the protection of personal data, does not share them and does not establish any communication with customers other than that related to the delivery of the parcel.
  6. The courier shall always comply with ethical business practices and applicable laws.
  7. The courier always drives in accordance with traffic regulations and takes care of the environmental friendliness of the transport.
  8. The courier always provides the customer with information about the status of the shipment and delivers it to the agreed location.
  9. The courier will always greet the customer, wish them a good day, say goodbye and thank them for any tips.
  10. The courier is always pleasant when contacting the customer and delivers the parcel with a smile on his/her face.